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“snoof a noof!” the golden retriever pet portrait & iPhone case

snoof a noof! a pet portrait

snoof a noof! the golden retriever pet portrait 10×8 $45


I feel guilty whenever I am not working, so much so that I tend not to take any breaks all day, even to eat, except for when I grab something at the same time I am feeding my baby. I have a business project to do list that is four pages long, handwritten in very tiny script on unlined, recycled (used already on one side) computer paper. Despite this, for the past two days I decided to work on a birthday gift for my daughter, who is still waiting for me to paint some tennis shoes she got for Christmas and a canvas for her bedroom wall that she has occupied for a year and a half now. She watches me work on things for other people all day long, while working on her own art projects with only a small amount of assistance from me, if she even needs any at all. Now it’s her turn.

This birthday gift for her also happens to be something I can market to manufacturing companies. Of course, I am multitasking. Well, what did you expect?! This is how my brain works. 26, 542 browsers open at once…this is the reason I do not sleep at night!

We got a new dog last August after losing our sweet Siberian Husky, Aleksi, who had been with us for 10 years, when he escaped Continue reading

Print Sale! (starting at $10)

8x10 brown pelican $10

8×10 brown pelican $10

I don’t want to carry an inventory anymore!

Hubby and I are trying to SIMPLIFY our lives, so we can be ready for anything that life throws our way…and that means going to “print on demand mode” for me. So I have marked down all of my remaining prints to super cheapo-depot, WAY below my cost prices!


15x30 nocturnal climber $30

15×30 nocturnal climber $30



These prints make great housewarming, Mother’s Day and teacher appreciation gifts for animal lovers, or decor for kids’ rooms.





10x8 doggone dog $15

10×8 doggone dog $15

They would also make a unique baby shower present…cats, dogs, frogs, birds and turtles…just choose the right color scheme.



12x18 (18x24 with matte) spittin' tobacco $35

12×18 (18×24 with matte) spittin’ tobacco $35


Or how about the gift of original art for a kid going away to college in need of some dorm/apartment decor? I’d go for the giant grasshopper, chameleon or “fire bug” for a Pop Art look.






Here is a list of everything I have left! Click on the title for a photo 🙂 Continue reading

American Alligator

american alligator sketch by lisa karen ward

a sketch, the beginning stage of an american alligator illustration

Alligators are everywhere in Florida, along with those little invasive brown anoles that even most native Floridians don’t even realize are invaders. It’s the bright green ones that you don’t see many of that are native. There aren’t many of them because the brown ones have taken all of their resources. Both of these creatures freak the tourists out, but we think they are an everyday no big deal. I have always loved lizards of all sorts, and I am ashamed to say that I have had lots of pet lizards, including bearded dragons (lovable little lizards they are, the only pet lizard I would Continue reading

Logo design for my hubby!

jkshay.com logoSo my hubby needed a business logo for his blog, and while logo design isn’t something I normally do (too corporate!), I took on the challenge. My first thought was, what the heck would I do for a computer programmer that isn’t too cheesy or already been done? No clue! Google “computer programmer” and you see lots and lots of cartoon computer logos. I wanted something different, but still needed a computer in there somewhere to illustrate what he does. What am I good at? Well, portraits of course. And each person on this earth is an individual, so there would be no repeats of this logo anywhere! Right? But a logo also needs to be simple enough that it is easy to see at very small sizes.

So here’s what I ended up with. Ain’t he cute? (hubby I mean Smile)