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Lisa’s work now on display at ZaPow Gallery in Asheville, NC

Lisa's display at ZaPow Gallery in downtown Asheville

Lisa’s display at ZaPow Gallery in downtown Asheville

It’s been such a long time since I have posted on my blog!! Life has been a little crazy. My husband got a job in Asheville, NC unexpectedly last fall, and we are just now really getting settled in our new city. As far as art goes, there couldn’t be a better place for me professionally. Asheville LOVES their artists!!! While we were visiting last fall, we stumbled across ZaPow Gallery in downtown Asheville. It is the only illustration and narrative art gallery in the Southeast! They focus on comic book art, popular culture and illustrations. Perfect for me, right? They thought so too. I applied, and I am in 🙂

So I have my own little 4×6 space that I can do what I like with. Also pretty cool. Not many galleries allow that. I have some of my insects, a doggie, a kitty, a reptile and an amphibian on display, along with prints and notecards. I will add my totebags sometime soon too.

If you are in the area, go check it out!

Pre-Holiday Shows!

So here’s a rundown of the places and events where I will be displaying and selling my work before the holidays! Pick one, swing on by and say hi! 🙂

First up this weekend, Saturday, November 9th, from 6 to 10pm, I will be showing some larger scale, original paintings, a few smaller, original paintings and giclees on canvas, matted prints, tote bags, notecards and tropical holiday cards at the Pink Cheetah Vintage Art & Music Show at Stained Market Place in Ybor City – 2106 East 15th Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33605…

pink cheetah vintage art & music show

pink cheetah vintage art & music show

Join us for another PinkCheetahVintage Hypebeast Production! Featuring art by HFx, Apatx, Joe Soutter, Lizzie Agosto and Lisa Karen Ward. Music by DJ PJ of Trees of Knowledge productions. Fantastic new venue Stained Market Place where you will find anything and everything you didn’t even know you needed…

Fresh art and other shiz right in time for the gift giving season. Don’t forget to get yourself something dope! You deserve a little sumtin’ sumtin’ too!



On Saturday, November 23rd, from 8am to 3pm, I will have a booth at the Tampa Bay Etsy Crew (TBEC) Holiday Show also at Stained Market Place Continue reading

Taste of the Heights


Come visit me at the Taste of the Heights on Sunday, October 20th!

Taste of the Heights is a walking tour of Seminole Heights featuring all of the eclectic, awesome, local restaurants, breweries, music and art. Tickets to eat and drink your way along the route are affordable, and I hear it’s a fun event. I will have a booth with small scale, original paintings, prints, tote bags, notecards and holiday cards, all at discounted prices (lower than my website prices!).

I will let you know my exact location as soon as I know!

Hope to see you there!

Manatees, pet portrait holiday sale & Taste of the Heights

camping view

view from the campsite

So I had the BEST experience I have ever had on the water EVER last weekend! My good friend and her boyfriend invited my hubby and I to go camping with them at Ft. DeSoto, so we packed up our stuff, shipped the kids off to my parents’ house and hit the road. They scored a great campsite, as you can see from this photo. It was waterfront with a little spot to launch our kayaks and paddle boards. The wind was blowing like crazy when we got there, and our friends had four travel hammocks tied up between the Australian pines by the water. Nice.

On this trip, I got to try standup paddle boarding for the first time with my friend’s board. Continue reading

My grandmother & her bar stirrers, a bit of Tampa history

my grammie's antique bar stirrers

grammie’s collection of over 200 antique bar stirrers


I recently came into the possession of my grandmother’s bar stirrer collection. Last week, while I was painting a bar cart that I inherited from my mother (picture later in this post), I finally had a chance to dust them off and see exactly what was there. My grandmother, Adelaida Guerra (who I named my oldest daughter after), was a Cuban/Spanish American born in 1921 in Tampa at the Bigelow-Helms House at the end of Bayshore Boulevard. It used to be called Bayside Hospital. She and her twin sister, Juanita, were the first set of twins born there. Her family owned the Arango y Arango cigar factory in Ybor City on 19th Street and 2nd Avenue. We have all sorts of crazy family history…good and bad, including conspiracy and murder! We seem to find out more each time someone goes digging through family keepsakes and newspaper articles on the internet. I’m super sentimental, and I love the family history.
Continue reading

Farm Animals, Tween Decor & Our Organic Journey

caramel the cow

caramel the cow                  photo credit: Hayley Hamblin

Here’s my latest cute animal illustration 🙂

If you recall, the last one was chickens. Lately I have been obsessed with farm animals. My retirement dream (and lucky for me, hubby likes the idea too) is to buy some property out in the middle of nowhere…a small, sustainable farm with a big vegetable and herb garden, some free range chickens and goats too, of course. That means homegrown, organic food for us, daily exercise and staying active into our senior years, AND I can get my animal fix. I have a friend with some backyard fancy chickens who are great egg producers (and guaranteed organic!), and I am insanely jealous of her. This same friend took this picture of an adorable cow named Caramel on one of their family day trips. It was such a cute photo, I had to illustrate it.

Disclaimer: if you are my Facebook friend and you post a cute animal photo that you have personally taken, it is fair game for me to paint.  Bonus: I will send you a free print! Continue reading

“snoof a noof!” the golden retriever pet portrait & iPhone case

snoof a noof! a pet portrait

snoof a noof! the golden retriever pet portrait 10×8 $45


I feel guilty whenever I am not working, so much so that I tend not to take any breaks all day, even to eat, except for when I grab something at the same time I am feeding my baby. I have a business project to do list that is four pages long, handwritten in very tiny script on unlined, recycled (used already on one side) computer paper. Despite this, for the past two days I decided to work on a birthday gift for my daughter, who is still waiting for me to paint some tennis shoes she got for Christmas and a canvas for her bedroom wall that she has occupied for a year and a half now. She watches me work on things for other people all day long, while working on her own art projects with only a small amount of assistance from me, if she even needs any at all. Now it’s her turn.

This birthday gift for her also happens to be something I can market to manufacturing companies. Of course, I am multitasking. Well, what did you expect?! This is how my brain works. 26, 542 browsers open at once…this is the reason I do not sleep at night!

We got a new dog last August after losing our sweet Siberian Husky, Aleksi, who had been with us for 10 years, when he escaped Continue reading

Print Sale! (starting at $10)

8x10 brown pelican $10

8×10 brown pelican $10

I don’t want to carry an inventory anymore!

Hubby and I are trying to SIMPLIFY our lives, so we can be ready for anything that life throws our way…and that means going to “print on demand mode” for me. So I have marked down all of my remaining prints to super cheapo-depot, WAY below my cost prices!


15x30 nocturnal climber $30

15×30 nocturnal climber $30



These prints make great housewarming, Mother’s Day and teacher appreciation gifts for animal lovers, or decor for kids’ rooms.





10x8 doggone dog $15

10×8 doggone dog $15

They would also make a unique baby shower present…cats, dogs, frogs, birds and turtles…just choose the right color scheme.



12x18 (18x24 with matte) spittin' tobacco $35

12×18 (18×24 with matte) spittin’ tobacco $35


Or how about the gift of original art for a kid going away to college in need of some dorm/apartment decor? I’d go for the giant grasshopper, chameleon or “fire bug” for a Pop Art look.






Here is a list of everything I have left! Click on the title for a photo 🙂 Continue reading

American Alligator

american alligator sketch by lisa karen ward

a sketch, the beginning stage of an american alligator illustration

Alligators are everywhere in Florida, along with those little invasive brown anoles that even most native Floridians don’t even realize are invaders. It’s the bright green ones that you don’t see many of that are native. There aren’t many of them because the brown ones have taken all of their resources. Both of these creatures freak the tourists out, but we think they are an everyday no big deal. I have always loved lizards of all sorts, and I am ashamed to say that I have had lots of pet lizards, including bearded dragons (lovable little lizards they are, the only pet lizard I would Continue reading