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My grandmother & her bar stirrers, a bit of Tampa history

my grammie's antique bar stirrers

grammie’s collection of over 200 antique bar stirrers


I recently came into the possession of my grandmother’s bar stirrer collection. Last week, while I was painting a bar cart that I inherited from my mother (picture later in this post), I finally had a chance to dust them off and see exactly what was there. My grandmother, Adelaida Guerra (who I named my oldest daughter after), was a Cuban/Spanish American born in 1921 in Tampa at the Bigelow-Helms House at the end of Bayshore Boulevard. It used to be called Bayside Hospital. She and her twin sister, Juanita, were the first set of twins born there. Her family owned the Arango y Arango cigar factory in Ybor City on 19th Street and 2nd Avenue. We have all sorts of crazy family history…good and bad, including conspiracy and murder! We seem to find out more each time someone goes digging through family keepsakes and newspaper articles on the internet. I’m super sentimental, and I love the family history.
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