Custom Artwork FAQ

Time Frame:
Please allow at least 4 weeks from the payment date for custom orders to be completed. If the time period will be longer due to my waiting list, I will notify you at the time you place your order. If you have a deadline, please let me know right away so that we can work out a timeline that will work for everyone.

My pricing is based on the expense of the materials required – paint, canvas, sketch paper, pencils, Sharpies, finishing sprays or printing costs and/or stretching & mounting costs for illustrations – and the estimated amount of time it will take me to complete the painting. This includes communication with the client, research & brainstorming, and the amount of time it takes to actually create the artwork, depending on overall size and complexity of the subject material. We will agree on the price before I begin painting, and at no time will the price increase. Please visit my Custom Artwork Page for some standard options and prices for Pet, People & House Portraits. Packing, shipping & insurance are separate and are 15% of the total cost of the artwork if you live within the continental U.S. Please contact me for shipping rates to other areas.

I will send you an invoice via Facebook or Paypal if preferred, where you may pay with a credit card. If you would like to mail a check instead, please email me. I will wait for the check to clear before I begin work.

Once the painting is finished, I will email you a photo so that you may view it, ask for changes and approve it before it is shipped. You will have your custom artwork in about a week after it is shipped depending on your location.


Packing and shipping costs are 15% of the total price of the artwork if you live within the continental U.S. Please contact me for shipping rates to other areas. All artwork is shipped via FedEx Ground, fully insured with direct signature required, and I will provide you with a tracking number at the time of shipment.

Personal Appointments:
If you live in the Asheville or surrounding area and would like to make a personal appointment with me, please email me.

My preferred method of communication is email due to my manic, nonstandard work hours. You might receive emails from me at 2:00 am! But I will also provide you with my studio phone number when you commission me to paint your custom artwork.

Your Photographs:
In order to create your custom artwork, I will need clear, high quality photos taken in good lighting. The better the clarity & resolution of the photo images, the better the painting. One or more photos may be necessary, including one in the desired pose and additional close-ups to assure accurate eye, skin and hair coloring. For people portraits, a close-up of the face from the shoulders up is required. If your dog is a purebred, I can often use breed photos as a reference when your photos are not sufficient. Images that show the subject’s personality make the best paintings…for instance, a big smile, a smirk or laughter.  Photographs for house portraits should be taken from across the street in full sunlight and should include the entire house. Both traditional and digital photos are accepted. Please contact me for my studio mailing address to send traditional photos. Digital images may be emailed to me. Personal snapshots are best to insure that copyright infringements do not occur. If the photographs were taken professionally, then they must be accompanied by an authorization for it’s use. Please do not send valuable or irreplaceable photos.