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Yes, I used to be Lisa Ward Landsman, the bug lady!

florida caterpillar by lisa karen ward

florida caterpillar by lisa karen ward

I am still a bug artist, but I am no longer Lisa Ward Landsman obviously.

I haven’t gone by the old name in about five years, but I recently discovered, while perusing my website stats, that people are still searching for me using these terms. ALOT!

In the past few days people have searched:

lisa ward landsman bug artist
lisa ward landsman biography
lisa landsman the bug lady
lisa landsman insects
lisa landsman married name  – Lisa Karen Ward is my married AND maiden name. I
chose not to give up my identity this time around…and then there’s the starting all over with my career and a new name, which is not good for an artist, as evidenced by all of these internet searches for Lisa Landsman! Oh, and my oldest daughter’s last name is Landsman. How awful would it be if the whole family had a different last name than she did. I would feel like a terrible Mommy! So we have three last names in our household. It drives people crazy because it is not the “norm”, but I have never claimed to be normal : )

So who are you people, and why are you looking for me??

It is most curious! I guess I am just a lot more famous than I thought. Wink 🙂

yellow jacket by lisa karen ward

yellow jacket by lisa karen ward, featured on the set of NBC TV’s Parenthood

I recently found out that the NBC television show, Parenthood, was signed on for another 22 episodes, yay!

For those of you who don’t know, my artwork was chosen Continue reading