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“snoof a noof!” the golden retriever pet portrait & iPhone case

snoof a noof! a pet portrait

snoof a noof! the golden retriever pet portrait 10×8 $45


I feel guilty whenever I am not working, so much so that I tend not to take any breaks all day, even to eat, except for when I grab something at the same time I am feeding my baby. I have a business project to do list that is four pages long, handwritten in very tiny script on unlined, recycled (used already on one side) computer paper. Despite this, for the past two days I decided to work on a birthday gift for my daughter, who is still waiting for me to paint some tennis shoes she got for Christmas and a canvas for her bedroom wall that she has occupied for a year and a half now. She watches me work on things for other people all day long, while working on her own art projects with only a small amount of assistance from me, if she even needs any at all. Now it’s her turn.

This birthday gift for her also happens to be something I can market to manufacturing companies. Of course, I am multitasking. Well, what did you expect?! This is how my brain works. 26, 542 browsers open at once…this is the reason I do not sleep at night!

We got a new dog last August after losing our sweet Siberian Husky, Aleksi, who had been with us for 10 years, when he escaped Continue reading